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Purr Data - Jonathan Wilkes' cross-platform Pd-l2ork version

Jonathan Wilkes’ Purr Data a.k.a. Pd-l2ork 2.0 is an improved version of Miller Puckette’s Pd. It is based on Ico Bukvic’s Pd-l2ork, which in turn is a fork of Hans-Christoph Steiner’s Pd-extended.

About Purr Data

Pd (Pure Data) is a graphical data-flow programming environment which is geared towards real-time interactive computer music and multimedia applications. It is a full-featured open-source alternative to its commercial sibling, Cycling74’s Max.

Purr Data serves the same purpose, but offers a new and much improved graphical user interface and includes many 3rd party plug-ins. Like Pd, it runs on Linux, macOS and Windows, and is open-source throughout.

Purr Data running on macOS.

Purr Data also offers some notable advancements over “classic” Pd-l2ork:

Purr Data continues to offer all of Pd-l2ork’s GUI and usability improvements, a help browser giving access to help patches in PDDP (Pd Documentation Project) format, and a large collection of bundled 3rd party externals, while using the latest and greatest version of Pd’s tried and proven real-time engine under the hood.

The Name?

Purr Data is the official nickname of the Pd-l2ork 2.x branch. Quite obviously the name is a play on “Pure Data” on which “Purr Data” is ultimately based. It also raises positive connotations of soothing purring sounds, and makes for a nice logo. 😺

What’s Available

This repository is a mirror of Wilkes’ original Gitlab repository available at We mainly use this as a one-stop shop to make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest source and the available releases, including pre-built packages for Linux, macOS and Windows.

At the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) we also maintain a collection of Linux packages built from latest git sources for Arch Linux (via the Arch User Repositories a.k.a. AUR) and recent Ubuntu releases (via Launchpad).

Here’s a quick shopping list:

Enjoy your stay!