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Purr Data - Jonathan Wilkes' cross-platform Pd-l2ork version

Jonathan Wilkes’ Purr Data a.k.a. Pd-l2ork 2.0 is an improved version of Miller Puckette’s Pd. It is based on Ico Bukvic’s Pd-l2ork, which in turn is a fork of Hans-Christoph Steiner’s Pd-extended.

About Purr Data

Pd (Pure Data) is a graphical data-flow programming environment which is geared towards real-time interactive computer music and multimedia applications. It is a full-featured open-source alternative to its commercial sibling, Cycling74’s Max.

Purr Data serves the same purpose, but offers a new and much improved graphical user interface and includes many 3rd party plug-ins. Like Pd, it runs on Linux, macOS and Windows, and is open-source throughout.

Purr Data running on macOS.

Purr Data also offers some notable advancements over “classic” Pd-l2ork:

Purr Data continues to offer all of Pd-l2ork’s GUI and usability improvements, a help browser giving access to help patches in PDDP (Pd Documentation Project) format, and a large collection of bundled 3rd party externals, while using the latest and greatest version of Pd’s tried and proven real-time engine under the hood.

The Name?

Purr Data is the official nickname of the Pd-l2ork 2.x branch. Quite obviously the name is a play on “Pure Data” on which “Purr Data” is ultimately based. It also raises positive connotations of soothing purring sounds, and makes for a nice logo. 😺

What’s Available

This repository is a mirror of Wilkes’ original Gitlab repository available at We mainly use this as a one-stop shop to make it easy for you to get your hands on the latest source and the available releases, including pre-built packages for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Here’s a quick shopping list:

JGU Packages

At the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) we also maintain a collection of Linux packages built from latest git sources for Arch Linux (via the Arch User Repositories a.k.a. AUR) and recent Ubuntu releases (via Launchpad).

Besides “classic” Pd-l2ork and Purr Data these repositories also contain extensions for the Faust and Pure programming languages as well as all required dependencies which are not in the standard package repositories. Please check the following links for more information and installation instructions: Arch, Ubuntu.

Enjoy your stay!