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You’ve reached Albert Gräf’s presence on Github. I’m a computer scientist and mathematician working at the Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) at Mainz, Germany. Here you can find pointers to the source code and documentation of my functional programming language Pure (now on Github) and related projects still mostly hosted on Bitbucket. In particular, there’s also some software for Faust, Grame’s functional dsp programming language, Pd, Miller Puckette’s graphical computer music and multimedia environment, and Dave Robillard’s LV2, the new audio and MIDI plugin standard for Linux and other Unix systems.

Please note that this site is in a perpetual state of construction, and also serves as a grab bag for various other side projects. I will hopefully turn it into a full website some time, but for the time being, here’s a brief overview of the available projects.

The Pure programming language

The computer music and multimedia corner


The Faust-related software has been tested and is known to work with recent Faust versions available in the Faust git repository. The Pd externals have been tested and work with both vanilla Pd and with the pd-extended, pd-l2ork and purr-data distributions. (A few of the newer patches may require the latest and greatest purr-data to work properly, but this is mentioned on the corresponding project pages.)

Source tarballs and binary packages for Pure and related projects can be found on the Download page of the Pure project.